About Us

This is Compulse Records

This is compulse records

Compulse Records stands for Compose and Pulse and stands for music that connects people. Hence in our logo the recognition of the connection sign @. The C and the R stand in a ring, which is known worldwide as protection of rights.

Since we, as a label, stand for making connections between musicians, between musicians and producers, between musicians and the listeners of their music and for protecting and honestly rewarding their work, all these signs of recognition fit well with the recognition of our logo. Compulse Records is committed to becoming the new beating heart of music together with you.

Compulse Records studio 2

What we do

From our label we make audio and video recordings with our talented artists in The Bandstart Studio in Naarden. We think it’s important that our artists get the freedom to work with their creativity and talents. We offer them the opportunity to break through into the music industry and to help and guide them where necessary.

Daan Appelman gitarist

Meet the team

Frank van der Woord

Frank van de Woord

Welcome to our website and introduction to our Music Label Compulse Records. My name is Frank F. Van de Woord. As Owner and Managing Director I want to make a strong case for this beautiful Music Label.

Together with our very qualitative sound engineer Evert Jan and with a producer with whom I experienced a lot of beautiful things Gio Lennox, we were brainstorming about a suitable name and a good logo for our label. After one night we found the name Compulse Records with the logo. A label where freedom and equality and creativity are central and where we connect people with each other.

Our location at the Naardermeer in a super atmospheric studio which I have built together with the team as it is now, is unique in its kind. In the past 20 years we’ve seen a lot of super artists pass by in our studio, from the famous Dutch band Doe Maar, to Sam Je Taime (the creator of the soundtrack from the movie Mocro Maffia) and Josylvio, the number #1 rapper in the Netherlands.

At the age of 16 I started to play instruments and develop a love for music. I mostly play bass guitar, drum, percussion guitar, piano and I am a singer as well. From the very beginning I also started working with cubase for mixing and slander after having recorded Adat with a gigantic big old 80’s mixer and tape recorder.

A lot of musicians what it’s like, you start with 1 band and a small recorder eventually you end up with 3 bands and a studio with control room and rehearsal rooms. The band I’ve experienced the most with existed for 15 years. The bandmembers and I decided to quit so I could focus more on offering opportunities for new music talents.


Damian Jonker

Hello everyone,
My name is Damian Jonker. I grew up in a house full of sound and vision techniques. My dad has a lot of professional knowledge of sound and vision equipment and erforming recording and mixing activities. My dad inspired me to learn everything there is to know about sound and vision techniques. From a young age I always helped him with his work.

Besides many of my private projects, am I also a student at film school. I discovered Bandstart Studio in Naarden. I met a lot of inspiring artists there and became friends with most of the crewmembers. Over the years I started doing camera work there and worked as a d.o.p. at the studio.

Together with the owner of the studio and the label, Frank van de Woord we came up with ideas for an online video channel as a platform / stage for artists. We built a control room and other music rooms. We had the idea to start a label for artist. This label has a real focus on the artist and their creativity. We thought that it might be innovative to approach video clips in a more cinematic way.

In the near future I’m also going to make a strong case for Filmpartners with whom our label owner also has a good relationship and regularly has great projects with. Next to that I will do what I can to make videoclips possible for artists. If you want something, put it with the management and from questions Frank and Ashley share with me, I can investigate the feasibility and see who and what we are going to need.